I found these Pyle speakers after the left half of my 2012 Ford Fiesta bring forth's costly 6.5 in."Focal" mid bass speakers all of a sudden quit working with just 13000 miles on the auto! Unusually, the "Central" tweeters in the front entryways still worked, so I allowed them to sit unbothered and didn't introduce the provided "Pyle" tweeters. Since I'm old, and scarcely EVER 'knock" the bass, I took my ride back to where I had gotten them and the stereo and had them introduced at "Auto Toys". In the wake of grumbling I was informed that the guarantee had terminated. "What? In any case, sir, I additionally paid for the service agreement!" "WHAT? Just FOR ONE EXTRA YEAR, AND IT EXPIRED THREE MONTHS AGO!? DAMN." Well, I was entirely hot over those $$$ 6.5 in. "Central" speakers! Alright, so the costly speakers didn't last any more drawn out than the shabby ones. Not any more FOCAL speakers! I hunt down an arrangement of speakers that had more RMS watt limit with respect to my JLA 700 watt 5 channel amp. I settled on these "Pyle's and purchased TWO arrangements of the "Plye" PLG6C speakers. Just a single side had quit working, yet I needed my ride to have a coordinated set all around, so I expelled the surviving "Central" set on the pass side, and introduced another "Pyle" speaker on the speaker rings in every entryway that I had left set up from the past Focal establishment. My amp has worked in hybrids, so I didn't introduce the provided "Pyle" hybrids. After I introduced my four new "Pyle PLG6C"s", I turned the stereo on, and I tried them. Boisterously. After altogether fulfilling myself with their task, I requested my third arrangement of the PLG6C speakers this Easter end of the week! 5 STARS from me individuals!!